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You clicked on this page and that means you are probably wondering what a customized demo reel is, and if you need one. Maybe an Agent, Casting Director or Producer already asked you for one, and wrote you off when you didn’t have it.

Your demo reel is your calling card– a short collection of professionally produced footage that showcases your acting skills in various scenes and helps you book coveted jobs.

If you want to succeed in this business, having a great reel is critical because it will position you as a polished performer that leaves a memorable impression- someone Casting Directors and Producers can take seriously. It will give you the edge over your competition, and make it more likely for you- and not them- to get the audition/call back.

So you know you need one, but you may not know how to get started. Well, you have come to the right place. The M2M Team, led by Director/ Producer/ Content Creator/ Acting Coach Bill Herndon, has been involved in casting decisions and worked closely with agents, producers, casting directors, so we know how to write, stage, direct, shoot and edit reels that will grab their attention. Let us show you how to get started and explain the process.


Why Do I Need A Reel?

If you want to succeed in this business then yes, you need a reel. It allows Agents, Casting Directors and Producers to see how you look, act and sound on film; if you have the right blend of stage presence and personality for the role; and if you can captivate audiences and appeal to their emotions. And of course they want to see proof that you can play the type of role they are casting. Performers that don’t have professional quality reels are viewed as amateurish and unprepared.

But What If I Don’t Have Any Footage For My Reel???

Most performers don’t have reels because they haven’t been cast in enough productions to get footage for a compelling reel. It’s a catch-22- you can’t get roles because you don’t have a reel, and you don’t have a reel because you can’t get roles. Just think about how many opportunities you will miss out on by waiting years to get cast in enough movies, commercials or tv shows to get great footage for your reel.

If you are serious about succeeding in this business, you should realize that you don’t have to wait years to get great footage. M2M Studios has an experienced team of directors, producers, writers and stylists that will consult with you and create multiple cinematic scenes that showcase your acting ability and strengths. Then we edit the footage to include the best clips that will have the maximum impact.

– Feature film scenes – Commercials –
– Monologues – Scripted TV Dramas –
– Public Service Announcements –
– Short Films – Sitcoms and More –

Grab Their Attention With the Right Footage

That means including 3 – 5 scenes that vibe with the types of roles you usually go after. The footage has to be current, professionally produced, well-staged, with great lighting, good quality sound, believable dialogue and a flattering wardrobe. Although the Casting Directors want to see how you interact with others in a given scene, you should still be the focus of that scene. Always put the best footage first, as Casting Directors and Producers may not watch the entire reel. And remember to include your headshot with contact info at the beginning of your reel, in case they want to contact you for an audition or call back.


The footage in your reel must be consistent with the image you want to project and the roles you plan to pursue. Prior to shooting any footage, we’ll meet with you to discuss your image, aspirations, acting range and how you want to be portrayed.

Make It Great!

You should know what separates a great reel from a mediocre one. To understand this, you have to think about it from a Casting Director’s or Producer’s perspective. They are super busy and have to make quick decisions regarding who makes it to the next round. So put your best footage first and make sure your reel exhibits top notch professionalism in everything from the sound, lighting, staging, dialogue, makeup, wardrobe, scenery, direction, color quality and editing.
And please do not ever submit home-made reels! The bad lighting, poor staging, lack of direction, poor sound quality, amateurish dialogue, mediocre wardrobe choices, messy makeup and hair is a sure fire way to make detract from your talent and make Casting Directors and Producers blacklist you. By this point, you have probably invested so much time and money on coaching, head shots, make overs to look your best, and more, and it doesn’t make any sense to throw away all that investment by sending amateurish videos. Don’t do it!

Ready To Get Started?

Are you ready to get started? Book a free consultation with us and let’s discuss which package will best meet your needs. To schedule a consultation call please email us at


The number of scenes you want in your reel determines the pricing. We determine the pricing package after evaluating what you need and what you can fit in your budget

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