Jody Stiller

Jody Stiller, has been in the business of TV/Film for over 40 years. She has worked as a Child Actress on PBS shows like Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers and the Electric Company; her Father is a retired Producer whom worked alongside several folks, most notably Jim Henson. High profile Celebrity relatives of hers; most notable Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller and Dan Shotz (Producer/Creator of Black Sails, currently airing on Starz Network and winner of 2 Emmy’s last year) to name just a few. While in College, she worked several years in a variety of crew positions; from Script Supervisor/Continuity to Props to Art Department to Assistant Camera and Production Coordinator on Films for HBO, NBC and several Movies like Stargate, Tombstone, Maverick, Get Shorty to name a few; films that were theatrically released in theaters nationwide. After graduating College with her BA in Motion Picture/TV Production, Jody worked as an Associate Producer/Casting within the Cable Network tiers of BET Films, Starz, Encore and the Hallmark Channel. She transitioned to the role of a Publicist for the Nielsen TV Ratings and then opted to begin her own company as a Talent Manager in Hollywood. Jody has created brilliant strategies that have been an inspiration to her talent as well as spearheading new pathways into Hollywood from those that are just beginning to those that are working Celebs; now after over 10 years as a Talent Manager, she continues to navigate her “sails” to enable them to reach their dream destinations. Jody is a full member of the Talent Manager’s Association and served 3 years as a Board of Director for the organization.

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