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Skype Private Coaching Sessions

Technology has changed the way actors and singers study. Young actors and singers preparing to embark on the journey to Hollywood and NYC can obtain a huge advantage over their competitors by receiving exceptional acting and vocal training prior to their move. An actor/singer’s success in the entertainment industry relies on his/or her training and current knowledge of the business – both of which are very time sensitive and can be achieved prior to one’s move to Hollywood/NYC or any major market. For every level of talent, The M2M’s teachings include the steps required to embark on a career as performer (actor, singer, model), which involves a thorough study of the industry, the business, acquiring an agent, imagine and headshot guidance. With the right training and up-to-date industry expectations, an actor/singer moving to Los Angeles/NYC (or any major market) can dive right into the auditioning pool and into seeking an agent, manager, or music producers upon arrival.

Skype acting classes range from general acting lessons, to preparing for an upcoming audition or call back.

  • Auditioning Techniques (Commercials, TV and Film)
  • Acting Lessons (Script Breakdown, Scene Study, Monologues and On-camera for TV and Commercials)

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Skype Music Lessons

  • Vocal Coaching (recording studio and auditioning)
  • Stage Performance
  • Vocal Teaching (strengthen and improve vocal performance)
  • Music Video Performance training (On-camera performance)

Our vocal coaches and teachers are award winning (Grammys, AMA, VMAs) and have worked with top music industry executives, producers. songwriters and top charting recording artists.

M2M also teach singers how to “act a song”, which is VERY important as a singer. We will teach you how to breakdown the lyric and be present moment-by-moment in your song, as well as how to connect with your audience and draw them in. A beautiful voice is nice, but when you can MOVE your audience, that is what will give you an edge over other performers.

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Entertainment Business 101 Skype Sessions

Our renowned team of Talent Developers, Content Creators, Talent Managers and Industry Executive lead by Bill Herndon will provide you the tools needed to navigate the entertainment industry. We will help you learn the business so that you can maximize your talent. Too many times talent spend thousands of dollars for the opportunity to make it in show business only to find out that they didn’t do it right. Don’t learn the hard way. Let us help you do it the right way the first time.



About M2M Studios

M2M Studios is a Talent and Brand Development Company that is committed to your success. We help performers like you (actors, singers and models) hone their craft and aggressively pursue the right opportunities to launch successful careers. We do this by providing you with all the tools and resources you need to succeed; one-on-one Skype acting or voice lessons, group acting classes, talent development boot camps, webinar courses, audition prep, ABT (audition by tape), music demos, customized reels, marketing and branding, which includes building your fan base, social media promotion, understanding the business side and more. Learn More

Some of our past and present Branding Partners and Clients:

NY Pizza Patrol
NYTVF (New York Television Festival)
Coca Cola
Jonathan Product
GG Gatsby (GAG Beauty)
Warner Music Group
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